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Concrete Action on Grenfell Tower Disaster: The colonisation of London by financial capital.

The true tragedy is that no-one listened to the residents. The lack of a voice for those who are the experts in their own housing experience and built environment is symptomatic of the wider permanent crisis of housing in London.

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster, Concrete Action is thankful for groups such as Radical Housing Network for sharing information, organising events, calling for support and issuing demands, as well as Paul Watt, ASH and others speaking out to reject the misguided notion that all towers should be demolished.

However, as the media scrutiny focuses on how illegal cladding could have been approved, the more complex, endemic, systemic root of this falls out of focus. The contractor was just the last set of fingerprints to have touched the problem not first person to have caused it. It is vital to resist the lure of a simple answer which can devolve responsibility as it will neither prevent a colossal tragedy like this from happening again nor rectify the everyday tragedy of hundreds of thousands living in indecent homes.

Currently, local authorities and central government have no will to look at the social housing issue from a perspective that would aid those who depend on it; social housing is viewed only in terms of monetisation (the value of the land). The number of social housing estates under threat of demolition is constantly rising; over 200 000 residents are currently affected by displacement due to regeneration. Land in London is being privatised to feed global speculation in the housing market, and the status of social housing residents is that of an inconvenience to be moved elsewhere as is seen fit.

It was a thousand incremental cuts spanning decades that simultaneously contributed to this situation, and the result is symptomatic of the entrenched lack of care and investment of local authorities in their social housing stock. The issue at hand is not to refurbish cheaply or to demolish housing which does not conform to regulations but rather to take care of what is already there, knowing that social housing in London is both vital and endangered.

Local authorities are deliberately using regeneration schemes as a blind screen to conceal the erasure of a certain type of population to create luxury flats feeding into global speculation.

This is social cleansing.
This is the colonisation of London by financial capital.

While very few politicians are defending the interest of Londoners, residents from all over the city have organised in active campaigns, resisting being forced out as well as fighting to improve their living conditions.

The culture of intentional neglect and short term vision revolving around money is tearing the city apart. Concrete Action sees a better future for social housing in London through empowering communities and having them leading the regeneration / refurbishment of their homes. Communities need to become the developer of their neighbourhood, meaning a strong collaboration between residents, architects and planners with full support of local authorities in order to implement plans that reflect the real needs of the people who keep the city alive.

Concrete Action exists to provide a route for information to be released into the public realm to expose exactly the culture of neglect that has led us to this point. Concrete Action reiterates the call for an open, transparent planning and development process with true involvement of all residents regardless of their tenancy, status, income, or location. It is in such pressing circumstances that the power of whistleblowing becomes most apparent. Concrete Action urges anyone who has information which they wish to share to get in touch via or on Signal messenger on 07706915977.

Please share- downloadable version attached.
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in Camden, only 200 signatures missing!
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Old Architecture (statistically cis male, white, and wealthy) has failed to lead the social, economic, and technological changes that are demanded by growing societal inequalities.
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Ethical Disobedience workshop To be Continued soon
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today Concrete Action at the Community Journalism Conference
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super useful booklet for any community facing demolition on their social housing estate in London now, check out : London Tenants booklet : "holding on to the homes we have now and why"