The information on the planning explained page is a simple “Translation” service and resources; an explanation and “translation” of the planning process, including advice on action to be taken at each stage of the process, types of companies and government bodies involved as well as relevant documents and whether they are publicly available. However you may feel that you would like more than that!

Concrete Action can help you understand the planning process, and advise you on action you can take to oppose profit-led development.  Alongside the concrete action “mobile planning advice unit”. We plan on holding two types of workshops: a) to demystify the planning and design process, providing a breakdown of the various stages of the planning process, and the relationship between the stakeholders, including council-developer-architect negotiations. b) to help communities to develop counter-design proposals using their own visions for the city.

If you would like us to organise a workshop with you and your group about any part of the planning process, email us on concreteaction [AT], or fill out the form on the help page.