The Planning Process Explained

Once you understand the system, it is easier to find paths of resistance. The links below explain the different stages in the planning process in terms of how it affects you, who and what is involved and courses of action you can take in order to oppose development. Included are links, example documents and case studies for reference.

The Planning Framework

Laws and guidelines for development:

The background structure to National, District, Local and Neighbourhood planning.

Pre-Planning Application

Consultation and development feasibility:

Before submitting a large planning application, the landowner or developer with liase with the local authority to gauge the likelyhood of permission and the conditions involved.

The Planning Application

When a planning application is submitted:

The official submission of a planned development to the local authority.

Post Planning permission

Once the planning application has been granted.

All is not lost- further steps to take.


Terms within the explanations are linked to external sources- a more substantial list of terms can be found here: Glossary (link to external website) and also here: Planning Aid

A list of acronyms and their full meanings can be found here: Acronyms


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